The Problem

“Silent” seizures, also known as non-convulsive seizures, are a major burden to clinicians, patients and hospitals. This type of seizure may be caused by a variety of conditions and often goes undiagnosed due to the lack of visible symptoms.

Yearly Cost in US

Every year, $4B in direct costs are spent to manage silent seizures

Patient Impact

2.5MM patients in neuro-ICU or emergency department suffer from silent seizures each year


23% of all neuro-ICU patients experience silent seizures

Up to 96% Mortality Rate

Every hour left untreated increases chance of death by 1% - 2%. It can take 48 hours to treat silent seizures.

Reduced Time to Diagnosis

Silent seizures are time critical and dangerous. Rapid diagnosis is essential for positive outcomes.

Improved Patient Care

Clinicians no longer have to treat blindly when a technician or EEG is not available.

Reduced In-patient Costs

With faster treatment and improved outcomes, patients spend less time in the hospital.

Out-patient Screening Possible

Our simplified training procedure is so easy to use, a patient's loved one or caretaker can screen from home.

Our Solution

The CenSyn PenEEG™ empowers clinicians and providers with the ability to receive immediate neurological assessments.

Please reach out if you would like to learn more about what we are doing to improve the standard of care.